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Like father, Like Son

Express what you think is one of the most incredible things you can do with photography. In 2017 I opened my first exhibition with my dad. The exhibition showed two series of pictures. Mine called ‘Suit up’ and his called ‘Bald Heads.’

Same but different I would say if you asked me to describe the meaning of both series. Both describe a perspective of life in different ways. He tried to show the power of man by portraying them in moments of strength. I tried to show the alienation of society by portraying young people in everyday situations. I find it very interesting to see our similarities in the photos we take and at the same time the different styles we have. Learning to take pictures at a young age and share an exhibition years later is a special thing to do with your dad. That’s why the exhibition is called ‘Like father Like son’

On the left: Tino van Dam, On the right: Danny van Dam

Suit Up

This series of pictures is a satire of modern-day’s society in which everybody wants to be perfect. This series exaggerates the normal tasks of life. In the photos, you will see young men who do normal everyday tasks in suits. The way they look and the way they dress do not add up with the tasks they perform.

Bald Heads

You will see strength all around you but nothing has more power than a man with no hair. This series of pictures shows the absolute toughness of our fellow brothers without any hair on their heads.

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