KNOV: inspiration and admiration

Let me be clear, I don’t know anything about pregnancy, birth, baby’s or parenthood. But I still landed the job to be the videographer for the Royal Dutch Organisation of Midwives (KNOV). And it turned out to be super fun, interesting and special.

The KNOV asked me to make a couple of videos for their online news stories, their newsletter and online training sessions. The videos varied from interviews with scientific researchers to interviews with mothers and fathers about experiences with the healthcare and services midwives provide. I was new to this kind of work therefore I learned a lot and had the chance to meet a lot of kind, interesting and inspiring people. Mothers with unfiltered stories about their pregnancy who trusted me to tell their story in a way that did justice to the experience. Midwives who wanted to change the way the healthcare system worked with an individual approach to each client.

Interview Sanne en Pieter

I met Sanne and Pieter in their apartment in Amsterdam. The KNOV wanted a video to show at their webinar. The videos needed to tell a personal story from the perspective of the mothers who receive the care that midwives provide. In the interview, Sanne and Pieter share why they think continuity and a deeper relation with the midwives are important.

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