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R.S.V. Laurentius 2020
Zo mooi, Mooi zo
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R.S.V. Laurentius 2019
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R.S.V. Laurentius 2018
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R.S.V. Laurentius 2017
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R.S.v. Laurentius: capturing memories

The fun thing about photography is that you can create your own scenes. With the right location, people, effort and lighting you can create your own sets. Laurentius’ almanak (yearbook) is one of my favorite projects to work on. The almanak has a yearly theme. Since 2016 together with the almanak committee, we make four theme photos.

Conceptual art is the process that’s needed for these kinds of pictures. The almanak committee and I usually have a meeting several weeks before the shoot. We discuss the theme for the year and brainstorm what kind of pictures would be fitting for the theme. We produce four ideas and make a sketch/drawing of the set-up. In the drawing, we look for the positions and placement of people and determine where the lights will be. We find the right locations for the shoots and collect all the right props and materials that are needed. This process is not your everyday photoshoot since there goes a lot of thought in the preparation of the shoot. I always compared conceptual photography with shooting a movie scene. The same process and, if done right, the same outcome.

In 2016 R.S.V. Laurentius was my first client. Since the start they are always very involved in the creative process. They are a lot of fun to work with. Every year I work with a different group of people because the committee changes each year. Therefore we have new faces in the pictures!

Edition 2020; Zo mooi, zo mooi (so beautiful, so beautiful)

Eidition 2019; Uitgespeeld (Game Over)

Edition 2018; Paradijs (Paradise)

Edition 2017; Buiten Sporig (Out of line)

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