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Introductieweek Erasmus Universiteit
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The Erasmus University of Rotterdam (EUR) welcomes all new students with an introduction week named the “Eurekaweek.” We established the first-ever media committee for this event. Together with our team, we were responsible for the media outlet on the socials for the introduction week.


We developed a video concept called Report-EUR. The video format is still used in the current editions of the Eurekaweek. Report-EUR is a video format that acts like a daily recap by containing street interviews with the participants and general footage of the events. The video series was shot, edited, and uploaded in 24 hours. To make the series fun we intended to give each episode a comedic edge with fun questions and interesting persons to interview. The video series was very successful and led to a growth of the Instagram page.

Countdown series

To build the enthusiasm for the introduction week we shot a series of photo’s in Rotterdam that was visually comparable to the logo of the week. The logo named ‘start your adventeur’ showed a student with a backpack exploring the city of Rotterdam. We decided to recreate the logo in pictures all around Rotterdam.

Countdown series

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